Winter Wipe Downs Keep Windows & Doors Working


This is just the time of year when we need to on top of the maintenance of a property.  UPVC Windows, dodors and patio aren’t too bad, so long as we wipe them down to rid any condensation inside to ensure mould can’t form.  Apart from making the house smell unpleasant, and rotting the fixtures, it can have a very detrimental effect on health – a great number of childdren suffer from symptoms of asthma due to dampness – even in this day and age.   We also need to look around the door frames and hinges – ensuring everything still fits snugly as always.  The first sign that anything has dislodged or warped needs attention.  Maybe an adjustment here or there.   This also goes for wooden front doors, frames and porches.  Keep an eagle eye on garage doors too – lots of freezing cold weather and damp can warp the framework and door very easily.