Village Windows Should Reflect Quality & Authenticity

I was exploring one of the many outlying country villages the other day – with a chum and her dog.  We were specifically checking out the flower-bomb event.  Yep, I did say that.  It’s one of these peculiar things that has sprung up in recent years to highlight a particular spot in a town or village.  Folk knit or crochet little items in a theme – such as flowers or birds, insects . . .  anything natural in fact.  These are then tied, pinned or otherwise attached to trees, railings and fences etc.   We looked at the many properties in each little road and I am always drawn to windows.  I can’t bear it when a householder has the original windows taken out and replaced with those gawdy cheap neo georgian white ‘lead’ panes.  Nothing looks cheaper or less like the real thing.  We saw much of that in evidence and I was almost despairing by the end of our visit!  There are so many very good replacement window designs and just spending a little more money can gain a superbly attractive, smpathetic and cost effective installation.