The Up & Over Garage Door Eludes Me Still


Oh how I wish now that I had got my garage somewhat more organised than it currently is.  I had to demolish the garden shed a couple of years ago – it was in poor state and leaning precariously.  The garden help took it away with plans to turn it into a work room for his wife.  So the hundreds of implements from the shed had to be housed in the garage.  I bought one of those mobile hanging racks on wheels so I could hang or support various tools – then almost immediately I was involved in the emptying of an in-law’s bungalow and garage, so then had a double load of items.  Now of course it’s impossible to get in to the garage to park the car!  I so wish I could – the thought of approaching an electronic up and over garage door and just parking is a wonder that is going to escape me for many a year yet!