Thank Heavens For Wide Patio Doors

One of the best ways to appreciate a good working patio door is to try getting large and bulky items through one!  I acquired two very attractive, plush and ultra comfortable sun loungers – just getting them home was a challenge.  I got the folded frames into the boot with one of the ‘cushions’ and the other was hastily slung onto the back seat.  I eventually got the beasts into the garage and forgot about them for the rest of the winter.    The bungalow had a very large conservatory on the back, built i the ’80s, entirely glass with no brick wall or window sills and patio doors into it from the lounge and also out of it to the garden.  The loungers only ever got as far as the conservatory, never seeing active service ouside.  However, I have been using them in my garden since the first rays of spring sunshine appeared.  Although my kitchen/garden room is filled with glorious light because of the wall to wall patio window and door combo, the loungers look much better on the garden side!