Safety & Easier Cleaning With Modern Windows


It was rather amusing the other day, seeing a news report of some oddball chap scaling the Shard.  It is a pure glass structure – literally made to look like a broken piece of glass.  It’s massive, and the tallest such structure in London.    The cleaning operation must be worrying but they’ll have machinery I’m sure.  Our own domestic arrangements need careful thought too.  If you don’t employ a window cleaner, with modern replacement window styles, it’s possible to do all the cleaning from inside the house.  My windows are nearly 20 years old, but they do have that wonderful device that allows you to spin them round sufficiently to allow cleaning of both sides.  This is such a boon – it’s still a little tricky for shorter people but so much better than having to get out a ladder and clamber up the wall. Hurrah for modern installations that keep our  houses warm and cool at the appropriate times.  And so safe too!