Replacing Victoriana With Sympathetic Modernity

I have been staying out in the country – the true countryside surrounding a tiny wee village.   The property itself is a stone conversion and it has very unusual windows.  Some are arched to reflect the victorian school it once was.  Other windows are glorious bays with several sections that had been rather a feature at the time.   When the young couple bought it, they were quite satisfied with the wooden frames and glazing that looked the part.   But over three cold winters they decided that someting needed improvement.   So they went to a specialist replacement window supplier and were able to select exactly the shape and size of windows to suit and the result is stunning.  The bay consists of 6 panels of 4ft deep narrow opening windows all topped with a small square fixed ones.   It is very effectve and the gap between the panes of glazing looks wide, giving maximum protection whilst looking beautiful at the same time.   The handles on the opening parts are also attractive, shaped as near the shape of the original catches as possible.