Pretty Lead Paned Window Effect With Curtains

When spring arrived, I decided it was a good time to change over the curtains and bedding in my master suite.  Having had a dark blue scheme for several months, those first few really bright days reminded me that cream would be a lighter choice.  Out came the various sets – much measuring and checking for sizes and did I have all the matching bedding still . . .    Well eventually I got the curtains changed – after doing the bedding.  It was such a revelation.  Beautiful cream throws warmth around a room.  But what particularly appealed was seeing the pretty lead paned windows through perfectly placed pleats in each curtain.   Somehow, more by accident than design, I’d managed to make the window look very much like a cottage and the effect is totally charming.  If I do every need to change my current windows, I’ll have to keep the same design bt just update the materials obviously!