New Sealed Units Offer Updated Protections

I have been taking a great interest in the activities at a house just down the road from me.  It is exactly the same age and design as mine – just a few weeks younger in fact.  I still have the original well insulated and very attractive double glazed windows and doors throughout.   These were such a vast improvement on the previous house which had single glazed aluminium framed units.  We were constantly mopping up streams of condensation that dripped down as soon as the warm internal air hit the very cold panes.  In fact every winter saw us folding towels along the bottom of each window and patio door to stop the damp issue.  So when I spy a similar house to mine having new windows and doors, I am amazed and intrigued.  But progress in the design and production of sealed units these days means that they will get better heat & sun protection properties and each unit will have a much extended life cycle, which mine won’t have.  Horses for courses.