Mopping Up Condensation From Skinny Windows

The need to keep warm and dry is an absolutely essential matter for every human being – family home owners particularly.  Gone are the days of single pane aluminion framed glazing.  Good riddance to this, although it was greeted with tremendous enthusiasm when first designed.  Every new idea takes a while to become established and single glazed windows i n these smart aluminium frames appeared to be such an improvement on older wooden framed windows.  The frames used to expand when they got wet or even slightly damp and in the summer it could be difficult to open and close sash windows because the frames would go out of true with the changes in weather.  Also, with the auminium frames, they used to attract cendensation very badly – it would be running down the windows and doors every day when we were tying to get up and move around.   As soon as anyone ran hot water for washing, there would be misted up windows and doors , so bad that towels had to be put on ledge at bottom to mop up.