Modern Windows Don’t Need That Putty


Funny how chaps don’t get involved in any of the ‘make do and mend’ projects around the house or garage these days.  In fact the garage might contain a tool box but it’s not likely to have many hard worked tools nestling in it.  In my youth the Dads of this land used to be working down in the shed every spar moment.  Not only would they be mending broen furniture or putting new handles of broken saucepans or fixing the odd bike.  Today’s young dad has too much on his mind in the way of going out to earn the money;  games and social media on his phone; perhaps sport.  Taking the children out to entertain them . . . .  there is rarely any replacing of windows with that easily recognisable whiff of putty.  All our homes today ae built with modern methods and mateiral, making rerplacement necesary by a manufacture and nstaller.