Lopping Tree Height Causes Window To Overheat

To me, the only drawback to having a really sunny back garden is the lack of shade when you need it.   When my neighbours put some trees along his side of the fence we share, I was slightly alarmed that they’d be to0 close, cause shadow, make a mess, fall down  etc.  Well in fact none othat happened – the trees were lovely.  A new family moved in, didn’t cause an problems until the hubby decided to lop the trees his side, plus several branches of the tree gently overhanging from in my garden too.   His removing the height of the trees in the back means my second bedroom has very uch sunnier rays beaming directly in for a lot of the summer months and so now there is condensation between the two panes of the left side window and half the massive main panes.  This will need sorting because the condensation getting in means there’s a weakness in the rubber seal, it has started to thin and break away from the main run.