Let There Be Light – And There Was

Light, light, and more light – that’s a pressing thought that comes to my mind as soon as it gets to halfway through the afternoon.  I look intently out to the garden and spend a rediculous amount of time wondering whether it’s time to get up and put the lights on!  Of course with lovely panoramic patio doors and windows, I do gain a lot more light in my office than if I was to work in the front of my house.  Although generally the front rooms are much brighter and sunnier, I have smaller windows and they are lead paned which I adore – that timeless classic look which enhances the design of the front elevation.    When I first moved here, I was annoyed the developers had penny pinched and put the lead paning only to the front.  But now after twenty years, noting the seasonal changes to light make me appreciate that they were on the right track.  I need more light in winter, the wide double glazed windows and double doors attract much more light than smaller paned glazing.