Lead Paneless New Windows Ring The Changes

I’m quite a nosy person generally – I prefer to say I’m very interested in other folk.  To this end I have been known to sit quietly at a cafe table or on a town bench, pretending to just take the air when I am actually sussing out what everyone’s up to this is very important part of my life.  Getting ideas for how to style our houses or what sort of windows and doors to have fitted are gleaned from these very important reflective moments.  For example, the chap in the house opposite a pal of mine has recently had all their windows and doors taken out – the regular white upvc double glazed variety.  He’s had a different style of window refitted with no lead paning and at first sight, under whelming brown frames.  I’m sure if  he has his garage door replaed by one the same shade of brown, it will have a more cohesive look and will in fact be the smartest one in that cul de sac.