Enter The Lifespan Of GRP Composite Doors


More and more people are today looking to change from upvc framed domestic doors.    The product of choice now is solid core timber composite.  The best are made from premium Nordic timber that has rubust nordic pine centre  which is encased in glass reinforced plastic – GRP for short.    This extremely tough material is used to make the hulls of boats – so will be ideal in a household situation.    Compared with other door materials, GRP composite doors offer on average a 35 year life span which is a great improvement on PVC panel doors.   It is possible to get doors in hundreds of combinations these days – 33 differen door types in 13 or more colours with more than 30 decorative glass varieties and then there;s a miriad of different frame types with a further choice of colourways.    Energy efficiency is taken seriously in accordance with new statutory regulations.  These products must be compliant with Approved Document L.   Going to a top provider of these doors will provide  you wih a geune unuque energy rating certificate for each door.