Eerie Condensation Outside – No Inner Pane Worries


We’ve experienced some truly bizarre weather of late.  Everywhere is much the same of course, very hot for days at a time, no water around.  Then suddenly it breaks with windy thundery storms and lashings of rain.  Immediately  back to the hot dry days.   I was discussing this very oddity with a pal at a heritage house the other day.  She’d been alarmed to find her lounge windows had appeared to be frozen up within the panes of the triple glazing.  Her heart sank thinking of the need to call in the window man.  As it happened, it was simply condensation outside – caused by residual warmth from the thick bushes under the windows rising up as the day started and the air was now already hot and dry after a cold night.  This made a very eerie sight – not unlike when we used to have jack frost visit us in the night as children – frozen windows on the inside – that gradually warmed up with us breathing all over the frozen bit and slowly melting away.  What joy to have good, reliable double and triple glazed windows everywhere.  The comfort and convenience cannot be underestimated !