Changing Up To Stylish Garage & Front Door

In the last few months we’ve seen a major drive in replacement garage doors around the estate.  We used to have the  once smart painted metal or wood door that had to be pulled out and then pushed up to go over the ceiling of the garage.    Gradually with use, the pulleys and springs would wear out, particularly if the garage is sited in an unfortunately exposed windy spot – a strong gust can easily take the corner of the garage door and slam it up at the wrong speed and angle.  So the garage doors are being changed  for very smart  electric models operated by the touch of a keyfob.  Made of composite materials and supplied in any colour desired, althoughm mostly muted greys, dark greens, French green and white seem to be most popular.    As a result of the tidy garage fronts, an obvious next step has been to replace the front door and side window ensemble – to match the colour of the garage door.   It is indeed looking much tidier round here and of course, both front and garage doors will last for a great deal longer.