Baby Shower In Safely Glazed Orangery


I was helping out at a local heritage propery recently – they had a couple of group bookings and I was an extra pair of guide hands.  We wer asked all sorts of questions about the build date and why didn’t we have this and how come we still hae that. Etc Etc.  We do get a great deal of questions about the very tall windows in both the ballrooms.  The older one has very tall narrow windows that would probably fall out of the wall if anyone tried opening them.  All the windows are original and have that tell tale wobbly feature when you look through them.   The window frames were built very solidly so we’re able to close the shutters every night without anything falling away from the wall!  The orangery is not original as this had been discarded as unloved in the 1950s.  It’s not unloved now and in the recent refurbishment progamme, got all new glazing and safety framework.  just as well, it’s a popular choice for small weddings and baby showers.